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Developing a TDD Practice Kata

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November 7, 2009 3:45 AM

Loyola University Maryland Graduate Center, Columbia, MD

Loyola University Maryland Graduate Center, Columbia, MD

Getting started with Test Driven Development sounds easy from the start doesn’t it? Write a test that demonstrates what you want your code to do, write the code to make the test pass, and clean it up. Then rinse repeat. Once you actually start though, you find out quick that going from test writer to code writer and keeping it straight which you are at any given time is not so easy. You bounce back and forth and more often than not you find you are doing both at the same time and getting lost in the code you are trying to write. This session through the use of a daily TDD Kata (memorized practice) will give you a way of getting into the rhythm of TDD and even teach you a few of the principles along the way.

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