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Processing Two Terabytes of Sky in Two Days

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November 7, 2009 5:15 AM

Loyola University Maryland Graduate Center, Columbia, MD

Loyola University Maryland Graduate Center, Columbia, MD

The number and size of sky surveys keep increasing ad the unit cost of storage is declining. This drives a fundamental change in the way we do computing and science in general. Although non-visual data mining tools to their work without human supervision, there is always a need for visual browse products for even the largest of catalogs.

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey is one such catalog of over 300 million galaxies, and quasars interesting to cosmologists. In Data Release 7 (DR7) there are almost half a million frames of multiband data that needed to be converted to visual pictures. We built a distributed system using .NET which performs the necessary data reduction including post-processing with Adobe Photoshop of all images in less than two days.

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