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Extending ASP.NET Applications with the AJAX DynamicPopulate Extender

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November 7, 2009 9:15 AM

Loyola University Maryland Graduate Center, Columbia, MD

Loyola University Maryland Graduate Center, Columbia, MD

Compared to using UpdatePanel controls or using client-centric JavaScript coding, the AJAX Toolkit DynamicPopulate extender is a quick and flexible way (relatively!) to extend your existing ASP.NET application with AJAX behavior. This session will define what the DynamicPopulate extender is and how does it work. It will address situation where the DynamicPopulate extender is more appropriate to use than other approaches to AJAX-ize your ASP.NET applications. We will then examine and demonstrate the different alternatives of implementing the DynamicPopulate extender with PageMethods, ASMX web services, or WCF web services and explain the situations where each is most appropriate.

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