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Web Security Fundamentals for ASP.NET AJAX Developers

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November 7, 2009 10:45 AM

Loyola University Maryland Graduate Center, Columbia, MD

Loyola University Maryland Graduate Center, Columbia, MD

As the web continues to grow in size and evolve in its complexity, so too does the web security landscape. With the proliferation of Ajax, the driver behind "Web 2.0", security has become more important than ever. Yet instead of being viewed as a critical feature, security is often treated as an afterthought. Developing secure web applications doesn't have to be hard, but the first step is understanding the threat and then learning how it is mitigated. Join .NET developer and enthusiast Kevin Babcock as he explores Ajax security and the specific issues that should concern every ASP.NET AJAX developer. In this session you will learn how some of the most common security attacks work and what can be done to protect against the vulnerabilities plaguing web sites today.

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