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Starting with Product Stream Kanban

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October 22, 2012 7:40 AM

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Product Stream Kanban is a lean implementation approach rooted in both the Kanban Method for evolutionary change as well as the Lean concept of Managers leading change. The approach starts with middle-management level using several end to end "Product Stream" kanban systems which each span multiple organizational groups. The people working the kanban system are the middle managers, and for each such system a senior manager is assigned to be the lead kanban practitioner / value stream manager. The unique value of this approach is the focus on early learning and participation by middle managers as well as more senior leaders. We will discuss a specific case study in which this seems to be an attractor for deep lean/kanban thinking and accelerated further adoption at other levels/areas of the organization. In this specific organization "Stop starting start finishing" was apparent in decisions in multiple levels within weeks of launching the change program and when team kanban systems were launched for cross-functional product teams healthy flow was achieved very quickly without heavy need for coaching or even management intervention.

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