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How Big Is It? A guide to agile estimation and planning

A talk by Mike Pearce

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October 18, 2012 3:00 PM

Radisson Edwards Hotel, London

Radisson Edwards Hotel, London

Estimating the size of stories, features or work is pretty confusing. What with fibonacci, a modified fibonacci, t-shirt sizes, animals and other various and often arbitrary methods of sizing things, it's no wonder that developers struggle to do it and the business often has little, or no confidence in the estimates from your team.

This talk will delve into the ideas behind estimating methods, weighing up the pros and cons and discusses how to estimate work items, how to use these estimates to create a velocity or derive cycle-time and how to get better at sizing almost anything you like with accuracy, as well as helping the business understand your estimates and what they mean (and don't mean!) and whether, in fact, estimating is even necessary! All this in order to achieve estimation nirvana.

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