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I Was Promised Mobile Learning (and Flying Cars*)

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June 25, 2012 11:00 AM

iSchool Syracuse University

iSchool Syracuse University

Instead of top-down transmitting models, we could engage learners with collaborative models that are already in place via text messaging, and crowd sourcing available via social networks. What is lacking in online learning delivery is the integration of mobile with access to course content and creating situated learning. We are dealing with students who are mobile and connected but are confined to rigid LMS structures. The future of learning opportunities lies in context-aware ubiquitous learning, leveraging peer-to-peer, personalization, and multimedia interaction. This goes beyond digital. Digital is the old way of thinking. Mobile is the new way – the way we think today.

*The flying car was predicted to be reality by 2010. I want one of those too, but all I see on the is a car that’s stuck on the ground.

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