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Refactoring Applications using SOLID Principles

A talk by Steve Smith at DevReach 2012

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October 5, 2012 7:30 AM

Sofia, BG

Sofia, BG

We’ve all heard about well-designed software projects, where things aren’t (yet) a big ball of mud that’s painful to work with, but many of us aren’t lucky enough to work on these. Nor is it an option for us to get to start a brand new “greenfield” project, where we can leave behind the legacy of spaghetti code and technical debt our current project might have.

But there is hope! By applying refactoring steps based on SOLID principles of object oriented design, we can reduce the technical debt of our existing application, improve our code quality, and hopefully make our application more enjoyable and productive to work with.

In this session, we’ll briefly introduce the SOLID principles and several design patterns, and then we’ll apply these principles and patterns by improving the design of an existing application through several refactoring steps.

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