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Computer vision using Ruby and libJIT

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November 19, 2009 8:15 AM

San Francisco

San Francisco

Ruby originated in Japan, the country which is world-leading in robotic research. It suggests itself to put the two together and to start using Ruby as a language to program robots. However at the moment the performance of available Ruby interpreters is not sufficient. It is hard to achieve performance comparable to compiled C++-code since manipulation of Ruby-integers and Ruby-arrays requires frequent bounds-checking. It can be shown that universal bounds-check elimination is actually impossible.

This talk presents HornetsEye which is a Ruby-extension facilitating the development of real-time machine vision algorithms for future robotic applications. HornetsEye offers I/O facilities to capture and display videos. HornetsEye also can be integrated into GUI-applications developed with Qt4-QtRuby. Furthermore there is a set of Ruby classes which provides the means to compose native datatypes and specify operations on them. The libJIT just-in-time compiler is used to achieve real-time performance. The project was inspired by NArray and ruby-libjit.

Slides will be made available at .

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