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Software Testing: Finding the right fit for your system

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November 2, 2012 5:00 AM

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN

Description: We learn from feedback; Feedback comes from tests. Software Testing is a core practice of an agile team to accelerate the feedback cycle. But how do you know what to test? What tests are valuable for you and your team? Test too little, the system becomes tangled and unpredictable. Test too much, effort is wasted and customers are left wanting. Both extremes leave your system brittle and hard to change.

Let's talk about software testing in context of addressing specific problems. We'll look at the depths and breadths of testing and explore the solutions and problems created.

Style: Interactive Presentation and Group Exercises

Bio: Todd H Gardner is a independent Software Developer and Team Leader. With over a decade of experience in computer systems, he has worked as a system admin, DBA, dev-ops, tester, architect, project manager, and developer. Todd has previously spoken on continuous testing, unit testing, emergent architecture, and structuring JavaScript applications. He is passionate about building teams that are at the heart of inspired software. Todd is the founder of Wocketware consulting and product development.

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