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Polishing Rubygems

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November 20, 2009 5:25 AM

San Francisco

San Francisco

Ask any new Ruby developer what their favorite thing about Ruby is, and they'll inevitably mention the smooth experience of Rubygems. Initially created as a quick weekend hack, it quickly took the Ruby community by storm, and there are now more than 10,000 Ruby libraries packaged up as Rubygems.

This solution has worked for half a dozen years, and the basic approach will remain sound for years to come. As Ruby matures and the project comes under increasing usage, some wrinkles have appeared, both in using a large number of gems in a project such as a Rails application, and in how Ruby developers have historically created their packages.

In this talk, Yehuda will cover how the Gem bundler solves many of the problems involved in using Rubygems in large projects, including some of the details of how it works.

The bundler builds on the power of Rubygems to provide a standardized way for Ruby developers to include packages in their projects. It provides robust dependency resolution capabilities, which has been the missing link for seamless gem use. It also ensures a consistent development, staging and production environment, eliminating the effect of the system gem repository on those environments.

He will also demonstrate the practices gem authors can use when they create packages to mitigate some of these problems. Finally, he will make some long-term proposals for the Rubygems system that will shore it up as it comes under increasing stress by the number of developers using it and the number of packages in use.

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