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Testing Client-Side Code with CoffeeScript and Jasmine

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November 3, 2012 10:15 AM

CVTC Manufacturing Center

CVTC Manufacturing Center

As we move more and more important code from the server onto the client, we need to ensure that code is well designed and well-tested. A simple mistake can cause the entire user interface to fail in spectacular ways. This talk will give you the grounding you need to develop test-first client-side code so you can avoid messes and have more confidence in your applications. In this talk, you'll learn to use CoffeeScript and the Jasmine testing library to develop solid, testable client-side code. We'll cover how to create encapsulated code, how to stub out remote calls, and how to automate the test suite so it can run automatically in the background or as part of a continuous integration server. If you write client side code but need to know how to test it, this talk is for you.

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