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November 20, 2009 11:20 AM

San Francisco

San Francisco

IronRuby ' a fast open-source Ruby implementation ' is designed to script the world. IronRuby runs on most major operating systems, as well as most modern browsers as a replacement for JavaScript (as browsers are becoming platforms in their own right). It can also reach across the programming language barrier to use code written in other languages (static or dynamic), and allows those other languages to embed IronRuby.

Being a good cross-language citizen as well, IronRuby will show its friendliness with Python and C# code, both as consumers and being embedded in other languages. The new version of C# has special support for doing dynamic-method dispatch at the syntax-level, which will show how seamless static and dynamic languages can interact. All language-interop is made possible by the Dynamic Language Runtime.

For the language implementers, this talk will also dive into the language design of how IronRuby integrates with the world, and how the language implementation makes IronRuby fast.

Last but not least, we'll discuss the status and roadmap of the project, including an overview of the performance and compatibility compared with other Ruby implementations, as well as the every-growing ecosystem.

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