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Amazon Web Services in 60 minutes: The .NET edition

A talk by MarkLeonWatson

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September 18, 2012 2:30 PM

Pier 1, Fort Worth, Texas

Pier 1, Fort Worth, Texas

Cloud infrastructures are becoming standard for hosted virtual platforms these days. While traditional in-house IT/data centers have previously been the norm, many operations are moving entirely to the cloud or creating hybrid infrastructures of both on and off premises resources. And a huge player in the cloud ecosystem today is Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS provides many robust and powerful cloud based features immediately upon sign up. In this talk I'll first focus on getting you up-to-speed on all of the features of AWS including the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). I'll follow this up with showing you how .net developers can easily take advantage of the AWS platform from within Visual Studio using tools, SDKs, templates and C# to create entire application stacks dynamically and deploy apps to them easily.

If you have any specific questions about AWS, please feel free to submit the questions to me prior to the talk ([email protected]) so I can be sure to address them.

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