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Building Ambitious Web Applications using Ember.js

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November 9, 2012 8:30 AM

Waltham, MA

Waltham, MA

Ember.js is a JavaScript framework aimed at building robust and ambitious web applications. Its major goals include providing a standard application framework, an expressive way to architect your web application, and a toolkit which helps eliminate boilerplate accelerating your development time.

This session aims to educate developers on the fundamentals of an Ember.js application and to understand how to approach building their first robust web application.

The topics covered in this session include: * Basic application structure * Data bindings * Auto-updating templates * Computed properties * State management with the Ember.js Router * Data, the Ember.js data persistence library

This session will also discuss approaches for testing Ember.js applications, various tooling that exists for deployment of applications, and exploring tools such as Iridium, ember-rails, and others.

This presentation is aimed at people new to Ember.js, but who are experienced in JavaScript development.

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