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How to be a One-Man Coding Army for a Startup

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November 3, 2012 8:45 AM

CVTC Manufacturing Center

CVTC Manufacturing Center

It's tough to WEAR ALL THE HATS, but luckily there are tools and processes to help a single development resource effectively manage the workload for a startup. I'll describe my role at Bolstr, what we do, and how I've managed to handle the workload since joining the team as the CTO nearly a year ago. Ideas (and the technology/app used) covered in this talk:

• Agile methodologies including sprint estimating and release planning (Pivotal Tracker)

• Creating effective communication between developers and stakeholders through user stories (Cucumber)

• Error tracking and bug fixing (

• Code management and deployment scripting (Github / Capistrano)

The tools listed above allow me to plan a week's worth of features, ensure the stakeholders know what those features are, receive alerts about errors in production, and deploy new features / bug fixes with a single command. This talk will give insight into the typical week of an open source developer at a remotely managed startup.

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