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Kinect for Windows SDK - Natural User Interfaces in C#

A talk by Ken Gregg

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September 19, 2012 2:00 PM

Gangplank Tucson

Gangplank Tucson

Microsoft's Kinect (which processes image, depth, and audio data as user input) is one of the fastest-selling consumer electronics devices, and now that the Kinect hardware and SDK are available for commercial applications on Windows, a new dimension of user interaction possibilities has opened to PC applications. We'll cover how Kinect is being used for real world NUIs (natural user interfaces), look at the Kinect for Windows hardware and software architecture, and delve into the Kinect for Windows SDK. We'll see a Kinect for Windows demonstration, walk through the code of a sample application in C#, and uncover plenty of developer resources in the growing Kinect ecosystem.

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