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JRuby on Google App Engine

A talk by John Woodell at JRubyConf

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November 22, 2009 9:30 AM

Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport - Burlingame

Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport - Burlingame

Popular Ruby web frameworks can now be deployed to Google App Engine. Developers can benefit from all the meta-programming power of Ruby, the portability of Java, and then deploy to Google App Engine for unprecedented scalability. Java developers can quickly put together a simple Sinatra front-end for legacy J2EE code, while Rubyists can easily integrate servlets to do some heavy lifting. The JRuby development environment for Google App Engine runs inside a servlet container, and we have tools that make this easy. We'll walk you through publishing a JRuby app, and show some demos that take advantage of the latest APIs available from the Google App Engine SDK for Java.

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