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Keynote: Get over it! - Overcoming Organizational Shortcomings with Agility (Jutta Eckstein)

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November 24, 2012 5:10 AM

FH Technikum Wien

FH Technikum Wien

Industrialization is especially well known for division of labor and tasks, as well as for streamlining and (pseudo) predictability. As a consequence this has created concepts like multi-projecting, mixing-up estimation and planning, and ignoring (social) values.

The agile value system relies on the one hand on interdisciplinary teams working on complex tasks self-responsibly and on the other hand on plans that can change fundamentally. Agility leads most notably to sustainable improvement, if respected as part of a bigger movement – a movement that requires acting more and more responsibly, asking for higher social competence and last but not least regarding the idea of a learning organization as a key success factor. In this respect, agility is one piece of a puzzle of the third industrial revolution.

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