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A talk by Juhan Sonin

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November 27, 2012 2:00 PM

Microsoft NERD Center

Microsoft NERD Center

When looking back on his life, Noel Coward famously commented, "Work was more fun than fun." Great design studios provide a work opportunity that can be happy, rewarding, and even fun. But it isn't easy: just calling yourself a design studio isn't enough. An exceptional studio - one that rocks in its creation, environment and even that boring business stuff - takes a lot of work. From the uncertainty and anxiety of Starting, to the gut check of actually Surviving, to Sculpting that great company, to finally Singing, is an art and a science. Join Juhan Sonin for 45 bombastic minutes and learn about how he created multiple successful design studios, and now heads up the software design studio, Involution Studios.

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