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Mashup the Browser with Ubiquity and Jetpack

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December 10, 2009 10:15 AM

Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine

Ubiquity and Jetpack are two experiments at Mozilla Labs which are revolutionizing the ways users can interact with and customize their browsing experience. Both projects directly tackle the disconnected nature of the web by introducing user-generated mashups at the browser level, making our increasingly web-centric experiences more productive and "humane." Users and developers can now easily extend the Firefox browser with little more than the JavaScript language already used on the web.

In this presentation, you'll see how Ubiquity and Jetpack can transform your browsing experience and learn the basics of writing JavaScript code for Ubiquity and Jetpack. The presentation will also include discussion of the user-interface philosophy underlying Ubiquity and its multilingual natural language interface.

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