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December 12, 2009 7:30 AM

Hughes Parry Hall, London WC1H 9EF

Hughes Parry Hall, London WC1H 9EF

One thing I hate about building gems is the scaffolding around the
process. There are a bunch of 'tools' out there to help developers
create gems, but they are all insidious in one way or the other. 'Hoe'
is the worst, since it makes itself a dependency of any gem it
creates. Nasty.

The others also irk me greatly - principally because I don't sit down
one day and say "oh, I know, I'm going to write a library that will be
worth distributing", but instead I hack around using my own best
practices, and then maybe days, weeks or months later, I might want to
wrap something up as a gem suitable for use with other people.

Anyway, so I scratched my own itch and the result is 'gem-this'. I can
talk for a couple of minutes about why I hate the other ones (but why
you might like them), then explain how gem-this works (it's awesome),
and then round off by explaining how to add your own commands to 'gem'.

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