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Arts and Crafts: It's CRAP!

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August 15, 2012 6:30 AM

Kalahari Resort - Wisconsin Dells, WI

Kalahari Resort - Wisconsin Dells, WI

If you are a professional developer or a hobbyist, you may find yourself doing more design work than you ever expected. This was not a problem, until you were told there were rules you had to follow for good design. Why should you care about the Metro Design Guidelines? What’s so bad about the Comic Sans font? During this session, I will dive into a few basic topics such as the four basic design principles that create the CRAP acronym, including what they are, what each one is referencing when it comes to product and application design, and examples of each. I will also discuss the selection and use of color in design. Certain colors promote different emotions in people, some that are positive and some that are negative. Finding the colors that promote the right emotion is only the first step because you also have to make sure that the colors work well together. There’s an expiation why the idea of purple and red seems more aesthetic than purple and yellow, but when you actually see the colors together, purple and yellow just works. And the final topic will be typography. People may already know the difference between a Serif font and a San Serif font, but you should also know whether or not you can use both types in a single application or how many different fonts should be used in an application.

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