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Live UX Webinar: Uncover the Missing Link for Successful Design

A talk by Noah Schaffer

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December 12, 2012 8:00 AM

Online Webinar

Online Webinar

Are you operating on a “Ready, Fire, Aim” process?

We invite you to hear Noah Schaffer, Executive User Experience Strategist for Human Factors InternationI (HFI), discuss how research can help you better understand the emotional landscape and needs of your users.

Using examples from HFI, he'll show strategies you can to deploy from research collected through the years. Specifically, Noah will discuss: • Why Usability Testing is good, but not good enough • Why focus groups and surveys are the wrong way to understand emotional needs • What kind of research gets at the deep emotional landscape of users • How strategy emerges from understanding the user’s emotional needs • Learn about the importance of audio, visual and feel and why they are the main feedback channels when it comes to challenge and efficacy

It’s time to stop designing by trial and error, and start doing research-driven design. Learn how you can leverage research driven design to incorporate audio, visual and feel in your games.

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