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RavenDB 2.0 - Painless NoSQL for the .Net Developer

A talk by Matt Johnson

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May 13, 2013 3:00 PM

University of Advancing Technology, 2625 West Baseline Road, Tempe, AZ

University of Advancing Technology, 2625 West Baseline Road, Tempe, AZ

Have you wanted to break in to NoSQL but were intimidated by other options? Do you think scalable multi-entity transactions are not possible without a full RDBMS like SQL Server? Fed up with the mapping overhead that comes with ORMs like Entity Framework? Come take a closer look at RavenDB. This next-generation document database was designed specifically with .Net developers in mind. Learn how easy it is to use to add a schemaless, structured data store to your .Net applications.

No prior knowledge of RavenDB or NoSQL is required, but you should have familiarity with C# and general application development. This will be a fast-paced discussion with lots of real code examples. We will cover the following areas, starting from the basic, and moving towards the advanced. There should be something for everyone.

  • Document / Entity modeling considerations
  • Basic usage of Raven's LINQ API
  • Full-Text analyzed searches
  • Using Map / Reduce indexes
  • Indexing related documents (pseudo-JOIN operations)
  • Update patching via JavaScript
  • Real-Time Change Notification
  • Replicating data to a SQL Server
  • Geo-Spatial Search (distance, proximity, polygons, etc.)
  • Using RavenDB in a web application
  • Embedding RavenDB in a desktop application
  • Indexing Word and PDF attachment contents
  • Temporal Data Versioning

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