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The big bang - what to do if your Rails codebase grows too big?

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March 28, 2009 11:00 AM

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

We created, run and are continously extending the german health website “” which has come – to our knowledge – one of the largest rails apps in Germany. The talk will be partly an experience report and partly technical advice on what you can do to manage a large rails code base. Problems we were facing include slow test runs (35 min for a build!?), memory eating mongrels (600 MB for one instance…), high rails environment loading times (up to a minute…). We’d like to share our problems, and of course the solutions we came up with. If you’ve seen the splitting rails apps talk by Justin Gehtland either on the US or European Rails conf you know what our talk will be about. Compared to his talk we’d like to get into more detail and show our solutions based on the experiences we made at imedo. The way we imagine our talk, it will be technically interesting for experts but also entertaining for people who are not as technically involved with rails or rails internal stuff.

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