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Making Drupal Meetups and Events Rock

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May 22, 2013 9:00 AM

Portland, OR, USA

Portland, OR, USA

“Come for the software, stay for the Community”. The Drupal Community, as a whole, is composed of many smaller, local communities. If the smaller communities didn't exist, where would the Drupal Community really live?

This panel discusses how meetups and events in different regions around the globe work and how we can make them better. This will be an open discussion, moderated and lead by the panel, about what we are doing at our events to create healthy, inclusive, lasting communities.

Why should you come to this session? This discussion will provide new ideas on how to grow local meetups, events and, in-turn, local communities. You'll leave inspired with ideas for better, more exciting meetup content, create more participation, and encourage new attendees.

Who should come to this session? Anyone interested in starting a meeting, improving a meetup, or taking more of a leadership role in meetups.

What’s in it for me? You’ll learn tips and tricks about how organizers work to ensure their local community keeps growing and stays passionate. A strong local community benefits everyone, including the organizers, by raising awareness of Drupal, growing local talent, and providing local resources to utilize. Ultimately, a stronger local community results in a stronger local economic community.

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