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Cross-Functional Teams + Emergent Design = Holistic Product Development

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March 6, 2013 8:30 AM

Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

In the world of agile, there is theory and then there is practice. We like to talk about self-organizing teams, asynchronous execution, BDD, TDD, and emergent architecture. We also talk about cross-functional teams: how analysts, testers, architects, technical writers, and UX designers belong on the same team, right next to programmers. It all sounds nice in theory, but how does this work in reality? What do these people actually do? How do they interact? What does it look like? Is there really a pragmatic way to make this work?

In this simulation, a cross-functional team will actually build a piece of software. Every specialist will have a hand in the process. Every specialist will also act as a generalist. Everyone will add value. And as a team, we’ll get something DONE.

This is your opportunity to see agile development in practice, and to bridge the gap between what agilists say and what teams do. And it’s not as new or as difficult as you think – affinity between testers, BA’s, coders, and other team members has really been at the root of effective development practices all along. Let’s just finally acknowledge that it works, demonstrate its capabilities, and encourage it going forward.

This IS agile development.

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