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JavaScript/UI Architecture: Be all that you can be

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January 30, 2010 5:45 AM

Austin, TX

Austin, TX

Most web applications take UI architecture for granted, simply using out-of-the-box offerings from the framework of choice without much thought. This often yields far too complicated templating, data exchange (Ajax), URL routing, validation, etc. CVC (Client-View-Controller) is an alternative, deconstructed, framework-independent approach to building/delivering performant, maintainable web UI.


Each component is a "client" of every other component -- highly module, portable, and platform/framework agnostic.


Templating engine, written in JavaScript (so it can run either on server or in browser), uses HTML-based templates and accepts simple JSON data.


URL routing, data validation, etc The controller modules are also in JavaScript and are the glue between all the pieces, to transfer the data (JSON) and facilitate the "clients" talking to each other.

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