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Using Dynamic Web Frameworks in Legacy Environments

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January 30, 2010 6:35 AM

Austin, TX

Austin, TX

Have you ever experienced a time when you wanted to use your favorite dynamic web framework but were hamstrung by a legacy technology stack? What if you needed to create a quick one off or custom application but couldn't figure out how to access your legacy databases using your favorite rapid web development platform? At Bazaarvoice, the new multi-database branch of Django has become an invaluable tool for us to build rapid prototypes on against our existing, legacy, sharded data platform. I'll walk through how we use the multi-db branch in this capacity and then further delve into how we used Django along with a custom built SOLR datastore to solve one of our most technically challenging customer problems to date. While I'll be using Python and Django as the backdrop for this talk, hopefully it will inspire you to push the boundaries of the technology stack you use on a day to day basis in your workplaces.

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