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Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

A talk by Maria H. Andersen

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February 5, 2010 3:00 AM

Tech Tools 2010 at Scottsdale Community College

Tech Tools 2010 at Scottsdale Community College

We live in an age where students can expect to have 5 to 7 different careers over their working life and technology proliferates at a pace faster than anyone can keep up. The most important skill we can teach our students is to learn how to learn. The ability to learn deeply, think creatively, and quickly retrieve past learning is going to make our students employable for a lifetime. We have to teach our students how to harness the knowledge on the Internet and powerful technology tools to streamline and enhance the learning process. You can teach these skills by using some of these web tools in the courses you teach and hopefully you will find that they help you learn too.

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