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Bringing the Sexy Back To WebWorkers and Your Web Based Applications

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March 16, 2013 5:05 AM

100 Pier 1 Place, Fort Worth, TX 76102

100 Pier 1 Place, Fort Worth, TX 76102

High Performance/Real-Time Web Applications can suffer from serial program execution, which can greatly decrease user experience, usability, application capabilities and overall performance. The new HTML5 WebWorker JavaScript API allows for multithreading in browser environment, which has removed serial code bottleneck that has always been an issue for processor intensive applications. Specifically at Game Theory Labs we were able to increase the performance of our application by 55% utilizing the techniques discussed.

This meetup will show off the variations in the WebWorker API, associated overhead using the API, various WebWorker architectures (Inline vs External, Static vs Dynamic, Nested vs Shared) as well as implementing a 2-Tier Thread Management system that allows for generating child process outside of the main thread thereby increasing performance of handling/merging data between threads and the main application. Live demonstrations will be given, which will show WebWorkers in action and all code is opensourced.

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