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Stickies, Standups, and Skyscrapers: An UX Case Study in Collaboration and Communication

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March 9, 2013 10:00 AM

Dearborn, MI

Dearborn, MI

What do stickies, standups, and skyscrapers have in common? Books at JSTOR!

The introduction of Books at JSTOR involved developing new business models to support a new product, immersion in agile methodology, and usability testing and design jams to bridge both geographical and communication gaps. Our team journeyed from standard UX best practices down into the development weeds, up into the strategic stratosphere of our Manhattan-based stakeholders… and back again!

This case study will examine how various UX methods were used to bridge the gulf between the very specific sprint-sized work in an agile environment to the holistic view of the project, with a focus on lessons learned and thoughts about how to improve on our next adventure.

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