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Building an Online Community is Not Rocket Science 

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February 20, 2010 8:15 AM



For her online work on behalf of women & travel, TIME magazine named Evelyn Hannon one of 100 most innovative thinkers of this new century. She's been featured in PEOPLE magazine and has appeared on Good Morning America.  Learn how the editor of, the largest online travel resource for women finds time to tweet daily, keeps her website running (over one million annual visitors) and sends a travel tip newsletter out to 69,000 females on a monthly basis. She doesn't have a Blackbery or an iPhone or HootSuite. She has one part-time employee - a web mistress whom she has never met. What the Toronto-based entrepreneur does have on her side is good old-fashioned creativity, thinking outside the box, and a fierce need to communicate. If a 'digitally deficient' 70 year old woman can attract 6000 followers one tweep at a time over the past year, so can you.

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