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Design Guidelines: Real-Life Stories

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April 5, 2013 7:30 AM



As an organization grows and its products proliferate, how can it maintain a coherent sense of identity and usability across them, while allowing room for flexibility and growth?

For a family of online communications channels or applications, design guidelines can document and disseminate the organization’s UX principles and patterns. A guidelines repository can potentially encompass everything that impacts the user experience: interaction design, information architecture, brand styles, and much more. It functions as a tool for a variety of stakeholders, not just UX practitioners.

Embarking upon a guidelines project can seem like a “nice to have” at best, and utterly overwhelming at worst. Our presentation offers resources and insights from both practitioners and professionals outside the field who have undertaken these types of projects together. We will discuss the benefits of a repository and the role of the IA and other actors in this effort, and identify challenges and opportunities.

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