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How to Mix 'n' Match Web APIs

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April 12, 2010 5:45 PM

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Sites like Flickr and Twitter have created a real demand for web APIs. We all enjoy being social and want to bring that social experience to our own sites. However the real power behind these APIs is their ability to combine to create something new. This talk will explores some core tools, such as the Twitter API, Google Maps, and YQL to create some amazing social experiences. After this talk participants will have knowledge to quickly build entire applications using only web services to prototype ideas using the vast range of web APIs available. While "mashups" are becoming passé it has been because they have mostly focused on combining data for the sake of it. Social APIs aren't about data, they are about interaction. With these new Web APIs becoming available, we can explore new ways that data and people interact.

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