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Five Skills Every Freelancer Must Have

A talk by Nathaniel Talbott

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February 21, 2009 4:00 AM

Lots of developers decide to try going it on their own - perhaps they're tired of being a cube rat, having technical decisions made by uninformed management, or having to service the bureaucracy before the client. Rubyists seem to have an especially high likelihood of going independent, since it gives them much more flexibility to use the language that makes them happy.

But as alluring as it might be to "be your own boss", everyone who makes the jump from the cube to the room over the garage finds out real quick that there's a whole new set of skills necessary to be successful. Even worse, freelancing doesn't come with a training manual that outlines all these important skills, and most folks just have to learn them the hard way: by trial and error.

But what if you could get a head start on these important skills without having to fail at them first? Or at least the top five skills, the ones that are often the cause of failed projects, unpaid work, and washed out freelancers? That's what you'll get in this session.

Nathaniel has freelanced for long periods of time himself, and now manages (in a cat-herding sort of way) a whole crew of freelancers at Terralien. He's worked with both experienced freelancers and folks who've just escaped the corporate maze, and has something to offer both.

Whether you've been freelancing for years, have just made the jump, or are standing on the edge contemplating the rocks below, you'll want to come find out how to be more effective as a freelancer. Or even if you have no plans to go independent, these skills also work within a larger organization to make you more valuable and effective. Don't miss it!

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