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Scrum Master: Role or Title?

A talk by Mariya Breyter

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May 14, 2013 2:00 PM

Kaplan Test Prep

Kaplan Test Prep

Scrum Master is a unique role. Everyone knows what a developer or tester are responsible for while scrum master is frequently an open question. The general answer is that the Scrum Master is a natural leader who is driving the team to success. However, the true answer is: It is Job Like No Other. In this presentation, we will talk about scrum master role expectations, competencies, and career path, as it has been defined at Kaplan Test Prep. We will share with you specific criteria for Scrum Master professional growth and ask for your opinion whether scrum master is a role or a profession, and what it means to be an outstanding scrum master. You will be able to meet Kaplan Scrum Masters and ask questions about their professional path, prior experience, and their plans for further professional growth. We are looking forward to hear about your experience and your understanding of a scrum master role on an Agile team. Some of the topics include: - is Scrum Master a dedicated role on the team, or a team member should play a scrum master role? - do you become a scrum master after CSM training? - what does it mean to be a scrum master? - is remote Scrum Master an oxymoron or today's reality? - what is scrum master's career progression?

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