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Sketch You Can! Demystifying a Powerful Collaboration Technique

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May 29, 2013 10:00 AM

Sheraton Boston Hotel

Sheraton Boston Hotel

What graphic facilitators do can seem like magic. They visually capture a conversation in a public way that helps all the participants understand what has been said and come to consensus faster. One technique that anybody can learn is how to use wireframe sketching to accomplish the same thing when the conversation is about software and requirements. No drawing ability is required.

In this engaging workshop, you will learn and practice the individual skills necessary to use wireframe sketches to facilitate conversations, drive to consensus, and simplify your deliverables. I have used this technique for years to help teams focus the conversation, visualize the requirements they were requesting, quickly experiment with new ideas, and provide detailed input that I can use to design the outcome. Often, the sketch (or a photo of it) acts as the deliverable for simple problems, eliminating the need for more formal wireframes. While this has come naturally for me, I have seen many others struggle to perform the same role. To help people develop this skill, I have broken it down into three component parts so that we can develop the skills individually before putting it all together.

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