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Drupal: Community Plumbing (followed by Technology Trends Roundtable)

A talk by Laura Solomon

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April 14, 2009 7:00 AM

SERLS Offices 252 W. 13th St. Wellston OH, 45692

SERLS Offices 252 W. 13th St. Wellston OH, 45692

Looking for a better way to manage your web site content? Want more advanced functionality and/or social networking features? Join Laura Solomon of OPLIN as she discusses one of the more popular open source content management systems; Drupal. Drupal has gained a lot of library proponents and won several major awards. Learn more about the pros and cons of this open source content management system and how libraries of all sizes are using it to make their web presences more effective and efficient. After pizza for lunch, Laura Solomon will moderate a roundtable on any and all topics of interest relating to the latest technology trends in libraries. Participants will be invited to submit topics two weeks prior to the workshop as well as any articles, websites or other items of interest they would like to share during this informal roundtable. A great opportunity to discuss the latest in library technology while networking with peers!

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