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Hacking Your Memory

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July 28, 2013 10:00 AM

San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA

As developers and software professionals, we spend a LOT of time learning to think logically and clearly. We also spend a LOT of time gathering and organizing information. However, we spend almost no time learning to use our memory so that we can recall information when we need it.

Not too long ago, it was common for students to be taught how to use their memory to absorb and retain information far more quickly than we do today. Our over-reliance on search engines, to-do lists, and poorly organized notes means we take too long to learn new things, forget to do things we should, and continue to be overwhelmed with information.

This is a rapid, information packed, wide ranging session that draws from recent brain research and discoveries, uncovers what the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Medieval scholars knew about memory, and applies it to the problems modern developers face. I'll show you a better way to read, absorb, and retain information - and it's been around for hundreds of years.

Note: this session presents essentially the same material that was presented in a session at SoCal Fullerton last year. While there is some new information and the presentation is tighter, much of it will be a repeat of previously presented material. Due to huge positive reponse last time (thanks!), I'm doing the same session this year.

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