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Federated Search: Growing Your Own Tools

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April 1, 2009 7:30 AM

Hyatt Regency Crystal City 2799 Jefferson Davis Highway • Arlington, VA

Hyatt Regency Crystal City 2799 Jefferson Davis Highway • Arlington, VA

Walter Warnick, Director, Office of Scientific & Technical Information, US Department of Energy Laura Solomon, Library Services Manager, Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN)

Libraries spend a considerable amount of money each year on subscriptions to proprietary databases of online information. The most efficient way to access these expensive resources is through a federated search tool, but due to a lack of speed and difficulty of use, some third party federated search products can leave both patrons and library staff dissatisfied. Warnick talks about the Department of Energy’s implementation using a combination of technologies, and how they plan on creating a better solution to a high-quality science search tool in the future. Solomon describes how OPLIN undertook the development of a federated search tool that is “Google-like” in nature and provides accurate results with fast response times. She shares the process used to create a unique tool that combines both open source and proprietary components that has resulted in significant increases in both searches and documents retrieved.

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