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ADHD and You on the Job - Leveraging your Brain for Optimum Performance

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July 28, 2013 11:00 AM

San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA

Have it or not, it will affect you.

Do you have ADHD? Not sure? Come find out ... how to find out.

Learn what challenges some people face and what can be done to minimize or work around these challenges to increase your productivity, meet deadlines, be more organized, be on top of your tasks and priorities, become more productive overall, which will likely lead to better reviews, and earning more.

Find out how ADHD will likely show up in you or those around you. • Groups of Symptoms • Types of symptoms in each group (many)

Types of remedies: • 4 different types of mitigation groups for ADHD (none of which can replace any of the others) • Listing each of the 4 groups, how they work, and LOTS of specifics about each.

Learn what advantages can be used by those of you with ADHD and how you can Optimize your Brain to the Fullest. • How to profile your unique brain. o The many scales of measurement and how to track them. o Tracking hyper-focus. o Tracking the many aspects of distractions (inner and outer), including the first awareness of the distraction, and the ability to control and redirect your attention and activities. o Continually increasing your self-awareness (exercises you can do each day). o Tracking progress with metrics. Being able to get the value out of the details without getting lost in the details. • How to use your profile. • Self-Hacking, the Quantified Self, Personal Informatics. • Self-Coaching - the ultimate goal.

Learn what some of the more common challenges are and what can be done about them. Some examples will be offered from a coaching perspective, and how they were resolved.

Questions from the audience will be received and answered.

More about what Steve does at Steve Kohlenberger, MA, BS, PMP, ASCT Software engineer for more than 20 years, with a Masters degree in psychology, BS in computer information systems, a PMP, and self-employed or running small businesses most of his life, Steve presently is a Success Coach for those wanting to take powerful next steps forward in their life.

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