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I Like my jQuery Plugins Warm and Toasty

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August 1, 2013 9:00 AM

Boston, MA

Boston, MA

With Backbone, don’t leave your jQuery plugins shivering out in the cold production air. We can keep them warm and toasty in a coat of Backbone view goodness. Gone are the days when we just copy and paste plugin files and start hacking in our script tags. Now that we have the expressiveness and modularity of Backbone views to manage our application behavior we can build a reusable facade for jQuery plugins. I’m going to provide a guide to wrapping our jQuery plugins cozily in Backbone views.

I’ll be giving you an alternative to large spaghetti .render() methods that make every jQuery plugin initialization call. I’ll walk you through the key tactics in decomposing a plugin into it’s core functionality and explain how to flexibly build your backbone view. We will also discuss the best patterns and styles for wrapping different kinds of jQuery plugins. Most notably, I’ll be going through the process of wrapping jCarousel in a Backbone view that can be reused in many different situations.

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