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The Changing Nature of Brand Experience

A talk by Joel Pattison at edUI 2013

About the Talk

November 4, 2013 5:15 AM

Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

When people think about a “brand” they usually envision a logo or a color palette. In reality, our experiences with an institution are far more powerful in shaping our perceptions of its corresponding brand.

Traditional brand experiences in education are vibrant and diverse. Prospective students tour the campus, current students attend classes and alumni return for homecoming and sporting events. Universities have spent decades refining these traditional interactions, which significantly influence the public’s perception about institutional identity and brand.

As more university activities move online, our constituents now interact with our brand in different ways. Recruiting students, alumni engagement and even the academic experience are increasingly happening in the digital space. Brand experiences now extend beyond physical space and into the digital world.

This presentation examines the different ways that users experience educational brands in a digital age. We will discuss the link between web usability and marketing principles to demonstrate that user experience and an institution’s brand are increasingly intertwined.

While this presentation is mainly centered around higher education, it will also include relevant information and examples for foundations, museums and other educational institutions.

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