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Mobile for Dinosaurs

A talk by Warren Craghead at edUI 2013

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November 4, 2013 9:00 AM

Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

While innovations like responsive design allow content to be more easily accessible on a wide variety of mobile devices, the extensive redesign necessary to make a large legacy website fully responsive makes it difficult to implement. Higher education and nonprofit sites are especially tough to optimize for mobile because developers are often working with few staff and small budgets. It’s easier to just give up and ignore mobile! There are, however, ways to make these dinosaur sites more mobile-friendly without a total overhaul.

At UVA Law we use media queries, mobile style sheets, javascript redirects and simple web app frameworks as relatively easy ways to make our content as mobile-friendly as possible. Even with a small staff with modest developing experience, we’ve been able to take make our site much more accessible from mobile devices. This session shares our experience as a case study and walks attendees through the steps we took, from initial plans to missteps along the way to goals for further improvements. I will share specific tools and methods with an emphasis on providing practical information that can be immediately useful. The most important idea is to see this project as a process leading to better (if not always perfect) access to content.

It’s time to turn your lumbering Brontosaurus into a sleek Velociraptor! (Or maybe a sturdy but cool Triceratops.)

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