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Long Live the Command Line: SQL*Plus and Alternatives

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May 7, 2009 7:00 AM

Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL

Think SQL*Plus is as thrilling as cold oatmeal? That's because you haven't kept up with some of its little-known features. What's more, SQL*Plus is no longer the only way to interact with Oracle through your keyboard.

Several open-source command-line clients are available for Oracle. All of them have capabilities that will wow you, and many of them can be easily modified to add just the features you need. This presentation will give you a quick look at a world of free tools you never knew - gqlplus, Senora, YASQL, sqlcmd, and sqlpython - plus the SQL*Plus features you didn't know were there.

You'll see the can't-miss features of each tool that make working with the database quick, easy, and convenient. We'll also cover installing the tools, extending them with your own custom improvements, and contributing your improvements back to the community. Give your mouse a rest and rediscover command-line power.

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