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Facebook: No Money, No Staff, No Time, No Problem

A talk by John Freeman at edUI 2013

About the Talk

November 4, 2013 10:00 AM

Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

Hide the expensive campaigns, flow charts and complex strategies and learn how to engage hundreds of thousands of Facebook users a week with a tiny budget and a staff of interns. Attendees will hear the quirky yet surprisingly simple story of the Charlottesville- Albemarle Convention and Visitor Bureau’s creation of a Facebook page with zero fans and its transformation into the World’s #1 Most Engaged City Travel Facebook page. Parallels will be drawn between the uncomplicated and unconventional techniques the Charlottesville page uses to the methods universities and colleges can implement to increase awareness, deliver messages and engage alums, students and faculty easily through Facebook. If Charlottesville, Virginia’s Facebook page can get over 700,000 likes, comments or shares in one week, why can’t you?

This session is half case-study and half instruction; it encourages asking questions and sharing ideas at all times.

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