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Cut Through the Fog: How to Act on Your Website Data

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November 5, 2013 6:30 AM

Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

A common chorus from museum professionals is how challenging it is to make data-driven decisions with which to improve their programs. Popular tools such as Google Analytics are intuitive and seemingly easy-to-use, yet too often the main question surrounding the data is “So what?”. Effie Kapsalis, Head of Web & New Media at the Smithsonian Archives, and Smithsonian Web Analytics Analyst Brian Alpert are working with their colleagues to bring clarity to this challenge.

This session consists of three sections. The first discusses the web analytics process, a stepped process focused on goals, strategies, tactics, measurement and benchmarking. The second section focuses on a customized Google Analytics dashboard which helps Smithsonian staffers more easily “see” what is happening with their websites, particularly with respect to audience engagement, and shows how it can be used to connect the resulting data to program goals. The third section presents a series of case studies showing how different groups are putting data in the context of program goals to tell a story about the initiative as a whole. As a special bonus, attendees who want to see their own data in the dashboard format can contact [email protected] and we will create a custom dashboard for your site, to show and discuss during the session.

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