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Graph Databases from a Developer's Perspective

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August 26, 2013 2:00 PM

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA

Falling into the category of NOSQL, graph databases can provide greatly improved query performance for the right kinds of data. Designing, implementing and maintaining the database is much simpler, as well. Microsoft Research has developed the Trinity database project(Graph database) for use by Bing for the integration of information from your social graph into search results. This speaks to the volume of data that graph databases can handle as well as the performance they can deliver. In this talk, I'll explain what graph databases are, how they work at a high level, what problems they are meant to solve and compare them to relational stores. I'll also present a project built against the Neo4j graph database. While looking at this project, I'll show Neo4j's rest interface, its proprietary Cypher query language and how to use the Neo4jClient library to access the database from .Net code.

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